Ideas to plan properly when buying a new home

Having your own home is a dream come true. Like many other, you may also be using the life’s savings to buy the house of your dreams whether in Dubai or anywhere else. But wherever you buy the house, you should have a plan before reaching out to the realtors to get hold of the […]

How To Make Your House Shifting From One City To Another Hassle-Free

No matter if you are a college graduate or a business person, you cannot keep your calm and feel relax when you have to move from one place to another on permanent basis. Things get worse when you move from state to another which is thousands of miles away. It’s during this time that you […]

What to See around Kota Tua Jakarta? These Places You Must See!

If you live in Jakarta or want to visit the capital city, you must visit the Kota TuaJakarta. What to see around Kota Tua Jakarta? There you are as if invited to visit the city of ancient Jakarta. The old building with Dutch-made European architecture still stands straight gives the impression of time as it […]