Deer Antler Velvet – The Break Through in Body Building

Deer antler velvet has recently received significant importance in media coverage due to its usage. These days this supplement is being widely used by high profile athletes for training and recovery purposes. Nevertheless this magical steroid is been prized as one of the best supplements this year.

The extract from antler velvet has special qualities and is considered as super food for its high nutritional value. The best deer antler velvet extract is gathered from new antlers of male deer found in New Zealand. This is a safe procedure, as it does not hurt the animal as it has self-regenerating properties of its own.

Benefits from deer antler velvet

Deer antler is a legal steroid alternative for increasing growth hormones. It has 50 percent of all the essential amino acids. Additionally, it also has magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin B-complex that supports muscle recovery.

Moreover, it is also power packed with naturally occurring collagen and glucosamine that helps in ligament mobilization and inhibits water retention in joints. This also helps in tissue repair and ensures overall body wellness.

What it this actually

IGF-1 receptor is a transmembrane receptive cell found on the superficial layer of all human cells. Its related hormone IGF-2 stimulates this receptor. When these form a form these insulin growth factor receptor cells show improved anabolic and anti-aging effects. Growth hormone is an important hormone for bodybuilding and fitness modeling.

At the same time, it gives a glow to the skin. In the extract, growth hormone is in raw form. As soon as it enters the blood stream, it stimulates to secrete the body’s own growth hormone. Thus, it helps in building muscles and supports muscular endurances.

Functions of IGF-1 receptor

IGF-1 receptor signals the neurons, which in turn increases body’s metabolism and heart rate. This also helps in muscle gain within limited time, which means it can prompt the hypertrophy of muscle and muscular tissues in no time.

Scientific research suggests that deer antlers work positively in humans by promoting the growth of cells. However, results vary from person to person and you should be aware of the manufacturer’s authenticity, before buying any supplements.


Growth hormones decline with increase in age and result in muscle loss. Deer antler products not only have shown increase in muscle power and strength but also initiate fat burning process and intensify lean muscle. With all beneficial qualities, it is popular among athletes.

Post Author: Edward Cowan