Dosage Requirements of Clenbuterol To Burn Your Fats

Clenbuterol is often used for reducing fats however it is important to know what should be right dosage to make really any impact on our body shape. Some body builders advocate its use during middle to end of the cycle while few do not agree to this theory. Therefore before you decide to use Clenbuterol then it is essential that you do enough research on this steroid. You must not only find out about its working but also if there is any side effects also associated with this drug.

What is the effect of Clenbuterol?

Many bodybuilders give lots of preference for Clen while quite some of them do not like it. Many people get their desired results, however there are many who fail to get any results from this. The basic reason for this change in results may be due to following factors.

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  • Person’s age as the metabolism is always better at younger age
  • Individual’s body weight and their height too
  • Composition of the body
  • Duration of use
  • Dosage taken

Clenbuterol may not be considered as muscle developing drug and neither the medical fraternity accept this as weight loss drug. However there are number of other medical uses are there. It is able to control following parameters of our body with composition and dosage of Clen tablets.

  • Metabolism
  • Heart rate
  • Digestion
  • Respiratory rate

Besides that it can also influence our many other body organs. It is also used for preventing asthma attack. Few bodybuilders believe that it can affect in our muscle stamina and endurance during aerobic exercises. Some thermogenic effect of clenbuterol also has been observed but it is not that significant that it can be termed as fat burning drug. People who are already having lean body may observe some change while people with heavy built can hardly find any changes. In order to get thermogenic effect, one needs to take higher dosage however that may also create side effects too.

Can clenbuterol 20 mcg be effective?

If you are a bodybuilder then this dosage may not mean anything for you. However those who are suffering from asthma, this dose can be very effective. However one can increase the dosage based on the severity of the case. Body builders may get some effect by consuming 140 mcg or little more in a day while any women may consider taking 120 mcg in a day.

Post Author: Marilyn Avilla