Must-visit Havens for Foodies in Pune

Foodies and gourmets weave a thread of imagination when it comes to visiting new places. The mouthwatering delicacies and palatable platters transport them to a different world. If you happen to be one of them, then come to the city of Pune that has some best eateries.

The city is not just the IT capital of the country but also has plenty of other things to offer. When it comes to food, Pune ranks amongst the most popular destinations in the country. You may take a road trip, or book Pune Delhi flights to save time on the commute.

When you are in Pune, check out these places where foodies can spend the best time of their lives.

Check out the spectacular places

The classic food platter in Pune will fill your heart with happiness. The splendid city is famous for its tasty, finger-licking, and delicious street food. The tangy taste coupled with a heart-warming aroma can fill your senses with ethereal pleasure. Ensure that you keep these places in mind while planning a visit to Pune:

  1. Burger King

Make sure you visit the Burger King that offers tasty salami sandwiches topped with generous servings of egg bhurji. Whether you are looking forward to a brunch or just wish to have something delicious for a snack, this is the best destination to visit. Since it’s on the M.G Road, you won’t face difficulties locating it. All you have to do is wait for some time to get a seat as the place has a huge footfall every day!

  1. Goodluck Café

There’s something very special about this café. Goodluck Café is not just a food destination in the city, it happens to be a part of Pune’s food heritage. The ‘Keema Pav’ offered by the place tastes delicious, and there’s no denying the spectacular taste of ‘Chicken Ra Ra.’ The café follows high quality standards when it comes to food, and that’s what makes it special.

  1. Kayani Bakery

The Kayani Bakery is one of the best destinations for cake lovers. You can take a bite of the lovely cakes available there and buy some for your loved ones. The ‘take away’ facility is just great, and one can also place bulk orders for occasions.

  1. Sujata Mastani

How about having a spoonful of ice-cream and milk complemented with tasty dry fruits. Those with a ‘sweet tooth’ will find the perfect opportunity to enjoy a chilled dessert here. Make sure you try out the different flavors filled with saffron, nuts, and cherries. Sip into this sumptuous drink that will keep you full for half of the day.

  1. Marz-O-Rin

Do you love sandwiches, cheese macaroni, and a hot coffee? Then visit Marz-O-Rin, and they will give you plenty of options to visit the place over and over again.

  1. Vaishali

Vaishali is the hub and storehouse of tangy chats. Whether it’s the dahi puri and sev puri or sabudana vada, Vaishali will give you reasons to plan your trip to Pune.

Parting thoughts

With these vibrant, delicious, and delightful options before you, there’s no point in waiting any longer. Get in touch with Vistara Airlines and book your flights today!


Post Author: Marilyn Avilla