The Best Lawn Games for Your Next Tailgate

Tailgating season is in full swing! Everyone loves the atmosphere of the pregame, but if you really want to amp the fun up to maximum, consider bringing a few lawn games. They’re a great way to stretch your legs and move around a bit while you see old faces and make new friends. For a number of reasons, these are some of the best lawn games you need the next time you go tailgating.


 If you’ve ever been to a tailgate in the south, you’ve seen long lines of cornhole competitions. For those who might be unfamiliar, cornhole is a simple game. Typically, teams of two compete to toss beanbags at the opposing board. You get a point for each of your bags that is closer than any of your opponents and three for any that get into the small hole in the board. Cornhole kits are easy to transport and setup. They take full advantage of the outdoor setting, and the easy pace of the game makes it easy to play with a beverage in hand. Best of all, you can customize your boards to sport team colors. A paint job or even some nifty cornhole decals let you display your team spirit during the pregame festivities.


Kubb has exploded in popularity in recent years. Also called “viking chess” by many, it is an interesting game. Two teams stand on opposite sides of the court and try to knock each other’s’ wooden blocks over by throwing wooden dowels at them. It may sound strange, but it never fails to insight some wacky shenanigans. Kubb sets are easy to make for yourself, and once again you can customize them in the name of team spirit. Best of all, Kubb easily supports large teams, so you and your rivals can hash things out before the game starts.

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 Giant Tumbling Timbers

 This is just the copyright friendly name. You might also think of this game as giant Jenga. This is another fun game that is easy to make on your own, and the hijinks to follow are ideal for the fun spirit of a good tailgate. The presence of adult beverages only adds to the hilarity. Giant tumbling timbers does not easily customize for you to sport the colors, but you could always consider painting or staining the blocks in your colors.


 Another tossing game, washers is simple in concept. Each team has a one-square-foot wooden box. In the middle of the box is a can or piece of PVC pipe. Teams take turns tossing half-inch washers into the opposing box to earn points. Like the other games on the list, this is remarkably easy to make and decorate. Your cornhole decals will fit nicely on the side of the box, or you can go with a simple paint job. Either way, washers is as fun and wacky as the rest, and it can be the highlight of your next tailgate.



Post Author: Shelly Johnson