Want lean muscles and perfectly ripped body? Use Anavar!

Our body is our temple. Maintaining it properly is our duty. A peaceful mind and balanced body is the secret of healthy living. For, some people achieving a perfectly shaped body is their only passion. For those bodybuilding aficionados, whole body exercise (cardio, gym) with balanced calorie deficit diet do not suffice. They need something extra to keep them motivated and focused. Something which is beyond hard work, something which will add on to it, which will speed up the process of ripping, will augment the process of fat burning and muscle development.

What is that ‘extra’?

This tool is called ‘Steroid’. These are aromatic compounds occurring naturally in our body, majorly involved in maintaining metabolism of the body, regulation of inflammation and immune system, conservation of salt and water balance, development of sexual characteristics. Anabolic Androgenic steroids like Anavar helps in growth of skeletal muscles and induce testosterone like characteristics in both male and female users. Anavar, when taken orally, immediately responds after ingestion. It is not so harsh, but might affect the liver at higher doses. So, you need to protect your liver and use the drug judiciously.

Anavar uses

Before being applied in the field of bodybuilding and sports, Anavar was used as medicinal drug for weight loss issues faced by patients after surgeries and during diseases like HIV/AIDS (and its subsidiary muscle wasting syndrome). It was also used as analgesic for patients suffering from osteoporosis. But nowadays it is more involved in fitness fields, especially as an anabolic steroid for women. Anavar can be used in both cutting and stacking phases of bodybuilding for women i.e. burning fat or developing slender muscle without bulk. It is very popular among women and men. Only the dosage differs. Women take it in lower dosage with minimal side-effects. The dosage for men is higher and generally used in cutting period. It does not need prescription to be obtained from the pharmaceuticals. This drug can be taken alone or as a stack with other steroids.

A mild steroid in nature

It is not a toxic steroid, not highly androgenic having little impact on the hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary axis (HTPA). HTPA is a group of endocrine glands, functioning in reproduction and process of aging. Anavar shows very rare side-effects when compared to other steroids in the market. If we go beyond its recommended dose of 25-50 mg/day, then it may have harsh side-effects on liver. But it can be taken care of by doing Post-cycle therapy, so that all the toxins can be flushed out of the body.

Some side-effects

It sometimes leads to excessive oil production in the body, which is the reason of increasing acne and pimples on the face. It may also lead to male pattern baldness and loss of hair. Most importantly, it can suppress the production of natural testosterone if used for longer periods of time, by causing testicular atrophy. Therefore always take gaps in between the usage. Excessive use may take a toll on your liver, so you need to protect your liver too. Drink maximum water possible.  


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