What to See around Kota Tua Jakarta? These Places You Must See!

If you live in Jakarta or want to visit the capital city, you must visit the Kota TuaJakarta. What to see around Kota Tua Jakarta? There you are as if invited to visit the city of ancient Jakarta. The old building with Dutch-made European architecture still stands straight gives the impression of time as it stops there. For those of you who like photography, Kota TuaJakarta is also a paradise of photographers. In addition to capturing the architecture of ancient buildings, photographers can also capture the whims of visitors who visit Kota Tua. Well, before you go to the Kota TuaJakarta, first identify the places that must be visited. Anything? Here’s the list!

There is famous building around Kota Tua Jakarta. A variety of public transport can take you to the Kota Tuaarea of ​​Jakarta, one of them are trains. When you put foot in the railway station of Jakarta Kota, you can feel the antique of this station building. Jakarta railway station, completed in 1929 and inaugurated directly by the governor-general at the time, A.C.D de Graeff. This City Railway Stationis the largest railway station in Indonesia. The building with a height of four meters has been used as a cultural heritage. There was a debate because the railway station wants to be refurbished for the addition of commercial space.

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As the name TokoMerah, the building built in 1730 by GustaafWilem baron van Imhoff has a red wall that is easily distinguished from other buildings. Despite the name of TokoMerah, you cannot shop here. Now TokoMerah has functional hall that can be used as a venue for conferences and exhibitions. Previously, the TokoMerah had even been the residence of several Governors-General until it became a campus and Academie de Marine dormitory (navy). The TokoMerahcanbesaid to be one of the oldest buildings in the Kota TuaJakarta located on the western edge of Kali Besar.

Here, it has a huge tower and harbor around Kota Tua Jakarta. SyahbandarTowerbuilt around 1839, the tower serves as a monitoring tower for ships coming in and out of the city of Batavia. In addition, the tower also serves as a “customs” office that collects taxes on goods dismantled at the port of SundaKelapa. It is said that under the SyahbandarTower there is an entrance into the underground passage to the Frederik Hendrik Fort which is now known as Istiqlal Mosque which has now been closed. Due to the increasing age of now entering approximately 168 years, the 12-meter-high building is slowly becoming oblique so-called “Leaning Tower”. You can also climb to the top of the tower to see the ships coming and going to SundaKelapa Harbor.

This SundaKelapa..harborhas been in existence since the 12th century which became the most important port of Pajajaran. Although the age of the port is fairly old, the port is still actively used as usual. It could be said that this place became the forerunner of the city of Jakarta where there is a long history record that is well known by the people of Indonesia and the world. As you move your feet here, you will be presented with views of the Pinisiwooden ships fired along the canal with unique models and colors. This scene is often hunted by photographers. To reach them you can ride public transportation from Jakarta Kota Station, or if you are traveling in the area of ​​Kota Tua Jakarta you can rent a bicycle ontel to visit it.

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